Darth Maul - Ron Marz, Jan Duursema, Rick Magyar "I want you to strike at the heart of the Black Sun"
Darth Maul. A Sith Apprentice with barely 5 lines of speech in The Phantom Menace, but his very name is enough to make you stop and wonder.
Just before the Blockade of Naboo by the Trade Federation, Darth Sidious approaches his apprentice with a task: destroy Black Sun. Maul unwaveringly agrees. He penetrates their compound and his bloody rampages again.
The art is magnificent. Darth Maul is displayed in all his radiant (and little seen in the movie at least) glory. He is beautifully rendered in each page. Other characters are likewise beautifully rendered--Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as one. The actions sequences are well drawn and easy to follow. And new characters appear on each page. No confusion over who is who and what is what. However, I will say that the Nightsister was a little odd...almost reminded me of the drawing Ian McCaig did of the first Sith Apprentice (go to [..:] to get an idea of what I mean). Not bad, but definitely unexpected.
There is a high body count in this novel, but not much gory factor. Also, this is not a highly complicated novel. Most of it is just following Maul as he kills people. I was able to stop halfway through and pick up almost a month later having no troubles. If you don't mind a threadbare plot and lots of action, this is your best bet.
So, I highly recommend to Darth Maul lovers with want to see him do what he does best: kill people.