30-Day Book Challenge Day 2

Day 2: A Book That You've Read More Than 3 Times


I'm not a big fan of rereading, just because I have SO MANY books on my TBR list.  So I have to go way, way back to my childhood just to find a book I've reread more than 3 times.

(Which is a shame, because I've read/listened to "The Hobbit", "The Silmarillion", AND "The Fellowship of the Rings" 3 times.  Guess I should listen/read one of these again so I can finally answer this with a grown-up book?  LOL)


That book honor would go to "The Boxcar Children".  I adored that book so much - I loved how the kids ran away, lived by themselves in a boxcar.  I actually didn't like it when their grandfather found them and formally adopted them.  The stories after that first book became more and more generic mysteries (especially after the first 19 book run), while that first book captured a completely different storyline, one that I love to this day.