Anita Blake: Using Rape Lightly and the Ultimate Example of Irony

Reprinted from Goodreads


I've had the dubious "pleasure" of reading "Incubus Dreams", Book 12 of the bloated and increasingly dull (sex-obsessed, badly written) Anita Blake series. As I've been listening to ID, I've vacillated from being highly amused ("My heart was in my throat like I'd swallowed a fish. I was choking on my own heart.") and highly frustrated at how slow, dull, and plotless this hunk of dead tree is.

But all this changed when Anita and Richard have yet another one of their "It's not you, it's me" conversations (haven't they talked about this like 800 times now?).

To set the stage: Richard comes over to Anita's after she's finished a menage a trois with Jason and Nathaniel. They talk. Richard mentions that his girlfriend, Claire, doesn't like his sexual technique. She says it's quite rough and like being raped.

Anita's response?

"Rape isn't a word that anyone should use lightly."


Ahem, excuse me.

Why am I laughing my ass off? Because, for someone who says rape shouldn't be thrown around lightly, there is an AWFUL lot of rape being thrown around lightly in this series.

To prove my point, let's take a look at the characters. How many characters in this series have a background where they have been either sexually abused or raped?

Richard's mother
Peter, Donna's son
Anita Blake

How many rapists or sexual molesters have appeared in this series?

Branson Missouri vampire corpse ladies

This does not include all the characters that have claimed to have been raped (such as the hooker Richard dated in "Blue Moon"). Furthermore, this is nowhere near a complete list, so I probably missed lots of minor characters.

Rape is very horrible. It is a violation of body, mind, soul, everything. It is traumatic. It affects people long after the "event" is over. It is NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.

But just glancing at the list, it seems that the Anita Blake series has a morbid fascination with rape. The list of rapists that appear in the series is nearly as long as the list of victims. And the list of victims is a dozen.

TWELVE PEOPLE have been violated. TWELVE PEOPLE in this world have been forced to perform acts when they said "NO!"

"Rape shouldn't be used lightly"? Take your own damn advice, LKH, and stop using this cheap plot device to add drama to your sh!tty series. Have some respect for people who have had to live through actual rape and don't use it so cavalierly or if you are insistent upon using it, God Forbid, give it the respect and treatment it deserves.