30-Day Book Challenge Day 8

The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women - Naomi Wolf

Day 8: Most Overrated Book


I'm going to try to throw you a curve ball and pick something you didn't expect.


On one hand, I have a list a mile long of books that are popular for no damn good reason:


+ Anita Blake (I'm sorry, but they are just not that good)

+ The Da Vinci Code

+ The Notebook

+ Full Frontal Feminism

+ Year Zero (Not popular, but certainly nowhere near deserving of being compared to Douglas Adams!)


But I'm going to switch and instead choose a classic feminist nonfiction book, "The Beauty Myth".  While it has AMAZING points, it was a struggle to read and populated with tons of generalizations.  I guess it was such a turning point because nothing of its kind had been published back in the early nineties, but that doesn't change how disappointing and underwhelmed I was by it.