30-Day Book Challenge Day 9

Stardust - Neil Gaiman

Day 9: A Book You Thought You Wouldn't Like But Ended Up Loving


I know this list has already had quite the number of graphic novel representations, so I won't include the newest run of "Captain Marvel" or "Batwoman" or "Batgirl" as my "I thought I wouldn't like this".


Instead, let me talk about Neil Gaiman.  I saw his name everywhere, but I tended to avoid him.  Not sure why, just didn't pick up any of his books.


Two things changed that: 1) a friend loaned me Stardust the movie and I loved it and 2) another friend took me with her to a book signing.  And that led me to read "Stardust", which I adored.  (It also reignited my love of reading, which "Arclight" nearly killed.)


"Stardust" is just such a sweet fun book.  It's a modern, adult fairytale, and you know what?  There aren't enough of those in the world right now.  I'm glad I gave the movie and the book a chance, but I'm more glad I found an amazing new author.