30-Day Book Challenge Day 15

The Vampire Lestat  - Anne Rice

Day 15: Favorite Male Character


OK, let's establish some rules right here and now, else this list is going to be a mile long.  I need to limit this to men in books I've read within the past year or so - so no Mr. Darcy and Gilbert Blythe.  I'll also avoid graphic novels, just so I can keep from including my dream dates, Thor, Captain America or Iron Man.


So my favorite male character of the past year would be...Lestat!  Lestat is such a devilicious guy.  I loved reading his story in "The Vampire Lestat" and this love of the character helped me work my way through the "meh" "Queen of the Damned".  Also, thinking of him as Tom Cruise was an added bonus (and I'm not a Tom Cruise fan!!).


Tom Cruise Rock of Ages