30-Day Book Challenge Day 18

Boundless - Cynthia Hand

Day 18: A Book That Disappointed You


Awfully similar to some of the ones a few days ago...


I've had a LOT of books in the past year that were disappointments.  "Insurgent", "Arclight", and "Queen of the Damned" are just a few off the top of my head.


But the one that I had been REALLY looking forward to, from a series that really impressed me and then flopped, was "Boundless" by Cynthia Hand.


"Unearthly" was a surprise - it was a decent angel novel with decent characters.  Even "Hallowed", while not as good, wasn't a complete bust.  But "Boundless" - gosh, I was SO disappointed when I finished it!  There was so much time-wasting and young adult angst!  And it felt like Hand had no idea where the plot would end up, that she was making it up and changing it for drama.


Now that I've finished the series, I've contemplated A) selling the sequels and B) not checking out future novels by Hand.  If that's not the epitome of "disappointed", I don't know what is.