30-Day Book Challenge Day 21

Black Beauty - Anna Sewell

Day 21: The First Novel You Remember Reading


Novel?  Wow, that sounds snooty!  I remember reading a lot of kids' books, but novels?


OK, OK, enough of me being nitpicky!


I've been read TO most of my life.  Little House on the Prairie, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach...  But actually remembering a book I read MYSELF is a bit tough.


One of the earliest books I remember reading is "Black Beauty".  I think I wanted to read it because A) it was a classic (see?  I tried to be a snob back then!) and B) it was about horses.  It probably took me like 5 years to finish it, because when I started it in 2nd/3rd grade, I had NO IDEA what was going on.  AT ALL.  And I'd forget about it for several months, then pick it back up and have NO IDEA what was going on.


FINALLY, I think I was in 6th grade when I finished this book.  I just got tired of the book being on my nightstand and blew threw it.  I remember absolutely nothing about it, other than it was about the life of a horse and all the horrible people that abused him, but hey, we all start somewhere, right?  And given that Antigoddess has been in my currently reading queue for over 2 months, it goes to show that some things never change.