DNF: Not what I was expecting

The Myths of Happiness: What Should Make You Happy, but Doesn't, What Shouldn't Make You Happy, but Does - Sonja Lyubomirsky

Bullet Review:

DNFing at page 50.

I was thinking this book would be a bit more generic, more about how the mind reacted to happiness and unhappiness. Instead, this looks at specific events (I'll be happy when I meet Mr. Right, I can't be happy now that I have cancer, etc.) and how we react and can counteract.

Problem is - I don't need any of that. I love my life. I'm not in a many years long committed relationship, bored and repetitive. I'm not single and whining for a spouse. I'm not desperate for kids, money, a new job, etc. I am not unemployed or sick or nearing a midlife crisis and unable to be happy.

So continuing to read this is pointless, even if there are interesting concepts about hedonic adaptation.

If ANY of the above concepts describe you, maybe you will enjoy. I can't deny that the author seems to have done pretty good research and has a good writing style. But why waste time on a book that won't really teach me anything? There are far too many other books out there to read.