30-Day Book Challenge Day 25

Darkhouse - Karina Halle

Day 25: A Character Who You Can Relate to the Most


Gah, I feel like I've answered this one already...Oh, well.  Repetition can be fun.


Darkhouse is a fairly standard urban fantasy book.  The setup feels like something I would have written to "get away" from work.  The spooky factor is pretty tame.  In fact, the book isn't really all that remarkable - except for the characters.


What drew me to the book (and subsequently the series) were the characters, specifically Perry Palomino.  Perry is ME (or was an Old Me).  She is snarky and smart, but gets bored quickly, particularly with her receptionist job at an ad company (God can I relate to that!).  She has a fairly loving relationship with her sister (my sister and I do EVERYTHING together).  And she has big dreams of a better future, something exciting and fun - along with a smart, sexy, quirky guy.


So yeah.  Me me me.  That's why I bought all four PAPERBACK books after reading the free ebook.  There are other characters that I resonate with (such as Anne Shirley), but speaking more recently, Perry Palomino is a girl of my own heart.