A Year of Reading in Review: Introduction

As I've gone through the ever-popular 30 Day Book Challenge, I realized that it had some attributes that I desired in a list that I found lacking.  Some of the questions were repetitive, others very vague, still others rather dull and boring (and often resulting in repeat book selections).  I really didn't get a chance to talk about the books I've read the past year.  I didn't get to reflect on the great finds, the massive disappointments, and the books that make me dread turning the page (or turning on the iPod).


So I've decided to do a mini-series on my the books I've read the past year, 2013 for the most part, but also the tail end of 2012.  I know this would probably be better suited for a December/January series, but I feel the bug now.


The next few posts will look at the (as of today) 108 or so books I've read in 2013 (and the few that I finished in November and December of 2012).  Topics I want to address


+ Best Books

+ Worst Books

+ Graphic Novel Sound Off

+ Non-Fiction Highlights

+ Yearly Goals - Did I make them?

+ Most Disappointing Books

+ New Favorite Author(s)

+ Promising New Debut Author

+ Disappointing Author - authors whose future books I won't be checking out

+ Hidden Gems - books I didn't think I'd like but did

+ Not All That Glitters Is Gold - Books I thought I'd love but didn't

+ Books I Wanted to Read But Didn't


So yes, some overlap with the 30 day challenge, but hopefully more focus on recent books, less on "All Time Favorite" books.  I'm going to stick with these 8 categories for now, but I expect I may add new topics as I think of them (suggestions welcome!!).  Also, I'm not limiting these to ONE book; I fully expect to have lists.  So if you love lists, stay tuned!!