A Year of Reading in Review: The Numbers

A Year of Reading in Review:


+ The Numbers


+ Best Books

+ Worst Books

+ Graphic Novel Sound Off

+ Non-Fiction Highlights

+ Yearly Goals - Did I make them?

+ Most Disappointing Books

+ New Favorite Author(s)

+ Promising New Debut Author

+ Disappointing Author - authors whose future books I won't be checking out

+ Hidden Gems - books I didn't think I'd like but did

+ Not All That Glitters Is Gold - Books I thought I'd love but didn't

+ Books I Wanted to Read But Didn't


Before I jump headfirst into the lists, let's take an overview of what I've read and how much of an old, over-critical harpy shrew I am NOT.


NOTE: I am continuing to read books and add to this list.  The chart represents data as of 10/21/13.


Here is a little Excel bar chart.  It's not super complicated - all it shows is the star rating on the horizontal access and the number of books on the vertical access.



Do you see anything peculiar about this chart?  How about how I have less that 5 1-star reviews (specifically only TWO)?  How about how more than half (61.7% to be exact) of the books I read I ended up rating either 4- or 5- stars?


Now, this does include quite a few graphic novels/comic issues, which will skew the results.  Let's compensate for this by removing all single issue comics.  While we are at it, I'm going to also remove all the teeny, tiny freebie ebooks I've read and the coffee table comic books "Vader's Little Princess" and "Vader and Son".



This definitely evens the playing field better.  Around 54% of the total books I've read (removing the ones I mentioned above) I rate 4- or 5- stars.  If you include 3-stars, that leaps it up to 81%.  It's obvious that I have a fairly good feel for books I like and reading books I like.


(You would think if I were a harpy shrew who hated everything I read, I'd have a LOT more 1- and 2- starred books!)


I must admit, I'm a bit surprised how positive this skews, but I'm also a bit encouraged.  I want to be balanced in my ratings, but I also don't want to be reading mostly 1- and 2- star books.


So it looks like we'll have a lot of fun options to pick from in the best categories.  And even though I don't have many 1- and 2- star books, I think I'll have no trouble finding entries for my "negative" lists.