30-Day Book Challenge Day 31 - BONUS!

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

Day 31: Scariest Book You've Read


This is a bonus selection I saw on the feed and thought I'd adopt since October has 31 days and the challenge only has 30.  (Plus, this may be one of the more fun prompts that this list has had!)


Putting aside that "scariest" could mean something like "OMG, how did this get published it is SCARY what this world is coming to?!", the scariest book I read was probably "And Then There Were None".  It's a mystery, not a horror, but I made the mistake of reading it at night and...yeah, I was afraid to turn off the lights.  Maybe that makes me a light-weight when it comes to horror, but imagining a random person suddenly killing me and having a small cat who can nudge a door open without my being able to see it's a cat are things that startle me.