Batwoman, Vol. 2: To Drown the World - J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman, Amy Reeder

Bullet Review:

Well, now, THAT was a major disappointment. I waited all this time for the paperback collection and I get THIS? Six disjointed stories, slapped together helter-skelter, some of them contributing little to nothing to the main storyline or others repeating the same notes.  I mean, do we really need Kate's story if we have Batwoman's?  What does having her father's story contribute, other than he is incredibly obsessed over his niece?  And is it really necessary to have a story for Chase when hers overlaps so much with Maggie's and Kate/Batwoman's?  Oh, and let's not forget to throw in some "Is my girlfriend cheating on me?" subplot - no one can get enough of that one!!  We can't possibly have a lesbian couple stick together and NOT be susceptible to cheating.  Oh, no, of course not!  And then, if all of the above isn't bad enough, let's not wrap up the storyline at all (what storyline you can follow from the disjointed, multiple POV's, multiple timeline threads) and drop in a cliffhanger - AGAIN.  Joy of joys!

Massively disappointing. I'm considering dropping this title, it's so disappointing.  A shame, because after reading "Hydrology", I was really on fire for the title. About the biggest compliment I can give it is the artwork is well done - minus albino Kate/Batwoman. Seriously, why is she white - no, really, WHITE - when every other Caucasian character is pinkish???  It makes absolutely no sense!!