A Year of Reading in Review: Slipped Through My Fingers

A Year of Reading in Review:


+ Best Books

+ Worst Books

+ Graphic Novel Sound Off

+ Non-Fiction Highlights

+ Yearly Goals - Did I make them?

+ Most Disappointing Books

+ New Favorite Author(s)

+ Promising New Debut Author

+ Disappointing Author - authors whose future books I won't be checking out

+ Hidden Gems - books I didn't think I'd like but did

+ Not All That Glitters Is Gold - Books I thought I'd love but didn't

+ Books I Wanted to Read But Didn't


I've had the opportunity to read over 100 novels and graphic novels, but there are always more.  I'm always learning about new books, and I have dozens upon dozens of books on my shelves aching for me to read them. 


Obviously, I still have nearly a month left so I may be able to squeeze some of these in, but as of today, these are the books I really wish I had been able to read this year.


+ Betrayal by Aaron Allston - Actually, I wish I had been able to read the entire Legacy of the Force line.  When these books were coming out, I was only buying the mass market paperback, so I was behind.  Now that I have the entire line, reading all nine books is more than a little overwhelming.  Hearing the outcome of this series also makes me a little more wary about reading.


+ Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn - Zahn is my all-time favorite author.  I've had the chance to attend 4 of his book signings, including one for this book.  But I still haven't had the chance to read the book.  Part of that is because whenever I fly, I like to read paperbacks and part is that I never seem to be in the mood.  (Oh, and since Zahn signed this book, I don't want to lose the book or ding up the cover.)  Hopefully next year I'll be in the mood to return to the world of my favorite author!


+ Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen - Actually, more of any Austen or more classics in general would be nice.  But this novel is the basis for my all time favorite Austen movie.  It seems silly to like the movie so much when I haven't even read the book.


+ Eye of the Storm by John Ringo - The reason for this one is a bit weird.  I'm not actually all that excited for the story; I read a half dozen pages and then put it aside at least twice.  No, the reason this is on my list is that I mostly want to clear out the nearly half dozen or so Amazon Vine books I haven't read.  This was one of the first Vine books I chose, and here, nearly 4 years later, it remains unread.


+ Various sequels, such as Queen of Attolia, Scarlet, Rebel Heart, Daughter of Blood and Starlight, A Million Suns, etc. - There are LOADS of sequels that came out this year, and I did a terrible job of keeping up.  I'm now falling back on the excuse that I'm waiting for book 3 to come out so I can read one after the other.