It's not's ME

Entwined  - Colette Gale

Bullet Review:


I just don't read erotica. It's not that I don't like a bit of sexy times (I do), it's just that reading a story solely about having lots of sexy times typically isn't my thing. That and what is sexy to one person isn't necessarily sexy to someone else.


But one thing I try to do is to give a genre and author a fighting chance. And that's why I picked out this novella.


(Oh, and it was also free.)


If erotica is your thing, then I could totally see you liking this. It's a decent story (I felt at times the author was gently poking fun at the Tarzan/Jane mythos, which was amusing), I liked the twist on Jane/Tarzan, and some of the sexy times ARE pretty sexy (again: what is sexy to one person doesn't mean it's sexy for everyone). It's just...erotica isn't my thing.


So I doubt I'll read more of these, but hey, you can't say I didn't try, can you?