Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong - Jen Yates

Bullet Review:

Yeah, I'm kinda reading these books to make my original yearly goal of 130 books - so what's it to ya?!

I found the website when hanging with some friends (you are welcome for giving you that link and totally sucking the rest of the day from your life). We spent hours pouring over the site and dying with laughter. When she mentioned it was a book, I knew I had to buy it, especially since I had money from my grandmother for Christmas (Thanks Grandma!!).

It was a delightfully funny read. The cakes themselves would be only moderately funny, but it's really Yates' commentary that brings out the real fun. And it's nice to be laughing at something inanimate with no feelings than telling yet another fat or dumb blonde joke.