Stop Whining, You A$$-Hole!

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz

Bullet Review:

"WAHHHHHH! My life is so horrible!! I'm 100+ pounds overweight, have no friends, and have never gotten laid!! Especially to some fine b!tch with huge tits! The one time I "tried", the girl was in an abusive relationship with a d-bag. I was TOTALLY the Nice Guy; she should have gone with ME!!! Now I will whine and do nerdy things, and occasionally mention them so that the cover blurb saying I'm the Dominican Tolkien won't be 100% inaccurate."

If this is what you want to read, go ahead, be my guest. But you know what?  I WAS an overweight, friendless, dateless, sexless teenager and young adult.  I buried myself in books and science fiction and college classes withOUT having to be constantly whining about the dates I wasn't getting (oh and objectifying every single set of tits out there).  And you know what?  My life has turned out awesome.  You know why?  Because I decided that *I* wanted to make my life awesome.


I honestly was hoping to expand my reading tastes, to read about a Dominican guy who wanted to be like Tolkien.  I was excited as this guy and I shared a love for geekdom.  But if I need to wade through a boy (because Oscar is NOT a man in my book) who just wants to wallow in self-pity and whine about not having sex, no.  Absolutely not.  I really don't care in the slightest to read some dumb @$$ who can't grow the f@#$ up and deal with it; in fact I lack the number of fingers (zero) to show how many f$&@s I give about the so-called "Brief Wondrous Life" of this massive (har!) tool. I know I ought to TRY to get past 15% for my Book Club, but seriously, this is NOT WORTH my time.


(Thanks to my fellow book club member who sacrificed her sanity and DID finish this to warn me away while I still had the chance.)