No Hyperbole: This is Great!

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened - Allie Brosh

Bullet Review:

Somehow, in the New Year's Shuffle, I neglected to review this book. Well, a week into the New Year, I will remedy this with a short review, as I don't think I could write a full length review that would do this book justice.

I found out about this book while whining about the atrocious books that got voted onto the Goodreads 2013 Choice Awards (seriously, how the hell did Katy Evans of "REAL" fame get nominated as "Debut Author"?!). I mentioned that AT LEAST Neil Gaiman won for Fantasy (there is hope for the world), when others *cough*Jane and Willow*cough* chimed in about how pleased they were that Allie Brosh won her category with "Hyperbole and a Half".

That did it. I had to read this book. Only I had a problem: my 2014 goal was not to buy any new books, but to read the ones I already owned. Solution? Use Christmas money and buy before January 1st!! (Brilliant move, right?)

I think I finished this book in two days. OK, that seems a long time, but really, it was probably two sittings, nestled between lots of naps (Vicodin makes me extremely sleepy). I couldn't put it down (unless, of course, the Vicodin kicked in and sent me to Hushaby Mountain). It was funny; it was heart-breakingly real (the sections on depression); it was everything I had been hoping for in Me Talk Pretty One Day but didn't get.

Best use of Christmas money. Best breaking of my 2014 rule. Now excuse me while I go check out her blog and see what today's post is.