Seeming female online: Foz Meadows

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I first saw Star Wars May 5th, 1997.  I adored it.  I wanted nothing more than to buy a bunch of figures and games and all those things that kids and teens love.  But being the tender age of 13, I let society's marketing ploys keep me from buying "Boy's Toys" until I was much, much older.  This I truly regret.


Even today, I'm sure many think I'm a nerd and a geek only because my boyfriend is into Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, etc.  Thing is, we met because *I* was into Star Wars.  We're dating because *I* liked these things before we knew each other.  And while he may have gotten me to watch the "Avengers" movie, *I* loved it enough to watch the other movies of my own volition.  I was Wonder Woman for Halloween because *I* love Wonder Woman, not because I wanted to hook up with a nerd.  No, I did it because Wonder Woman is amazing, and I'm proud of my body (I lost about 100 pounds over the past year).


Anyway, Geek Girls and Gamer Girls exist.  They aren't "fake" anymore than guys who dress up like Jedi or Mandalorians are "fake".  We are just females who are not ashamed to have a passion for something nerdy/geeky.

Get used to it.



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