Incubus Hunter - Kenya Wright

Bullet Review:

I don't typically read erotica.  Part of that is the way I was raised ("Sex is bad!!  Unless you are married, of course, then WOWZER!!), part of it is because I have SO many other books and genres I like, I haven't dedicated time to find good erotica to read.  Oh and part of it is because terrible erotica, like LKH's sad excuse for erotica (basically all the recent Anita Blake books), make me want to run screaming into the sun.


But this was free and it was by a Goodreads friend of mine.  So I gave it a chance - and I was impressed!  It was fun and most definitely sexy, the latter being something that could very easily go wrong.  The writing was pretty good, though there were a couple of lines that I chuckled over for their cheesiness.  The sex was most definitely the focus, but the story wasn't cheesy and stupid.  And I particularly love how Blaze is introduced as kinda an Alpha-douche, and yet he comes around into being a rather sexy male lead.


Oh, and LKH?  Take THAT!! THIS is how you write sexy threesomes.