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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan

God does this book p!ss me the f@#$ off.  And it's not because of the socio-religious-political aspects.  I mean, yes, it enrages me to think we could become a society where the religious right have taken over, that women could be accused of murder for abortions, where these poor women who have no choice but to terminate their pregnancy are then forced to watch videos and endure lectures about how awful their actions are, etc.


But what REALLY enrages me is the absolutely STUPID STUPID STUPID characterizations.  How nearly all the women are EVUL while the guys are blameless and pure.  (Which, I suppose if it were ONLY Hannah's patriarchal perspective making it that way, fine, but the author makes it clear that Aiden is supposed to be OK, that Mom is a bad guy, that Dad is powerless because of Mom.)  How all the religious people are whack-a-dos (particularly if they are females).  How the plot is following the SAME PATH that every single book of this ilk ever has.

You've got a great dystopian concept.  Take it to the next level: Be original.  Get some decent-@$$ characters.  Stop getting your plot out of "Plots for Dummies".