Nope Nope Nope

Pretty Witches All in a Row - Lisa Olsen

Bullet Review:

DNF at 11%/Chapter 3.

This book actually has quite a bit going for it: it's an investigation into a paranormal death, told from a male POV. It's also set in the Portland Metro area, which makes me squee.

But that is where my compliments begin and end. While it's not actually bad per se, it's not great. My complaints are mostly about how juvenile the characters are (Nick and Brady act like frat boys with their "Bimbo du jour" comments and trying to hook up with suspects - I can already see who the Love Interest will be), how somewhat offensive their questions about Wicca are (if those questions were instead about Christianity, I'd be offended - I don't know why these ladies are just so blase about it!), and how supersonic the investigation is proceeding. Yes, a weird complaint, I know, but it's like Nick zooms from one interview with a suspect to another. He's already seen THREE ladies and tried another one who wasn't home. THREE. In 11% and not even 3 chapters. WOW.

Like I've said numerous times, life is too short to continuously force me to read books I'm not enjoying. I'll give this 2.5 stars to be generous with the caveat that your mileage may vary.