10 Things about Me

Everyone has been so generous to share about themselves, I can't help but join along!


1. When I was in 6th grade, I was looking through my science textbooks and decided I wanted to be an aerospace engineer and go to Mars.  While I ended up switching majors and never did apply to NASA, it gave me the career I have today.


2. One of the coolest things I've gotten to do in my job is sit in the cockpit (in the pilot's chair, no less!) of a commercial jet!


3. After being diagnosed with sleep apnea in September of 2012, I have lost over 100 pounds.  I have never been this weight in my entire adult life, and I feel great (though the damned BMI still tells me I'm overweight).


4. Ever since September of 2013, I have run in 3 5K's.  I have signed up for another one in March.  Eventually, I'd like to try an 8K, a 10K, and a half marathon.  I'm not sure at this point if I want to go for a marathon - that sounds like a lot of work!


5. I got the cosplay bug at this past Halloween when my sister and I scoured Goodwill for a fantastic Wonder Woman costume.  I displayed it at my first comic con this January; I've now contracted a seamstress to make me an Imperial Officer uniform!


6. The farthest East I've been in Minneapolis, MN.  The farthest West is Honolulu, Hawaii.


7. I am a Navy brat!  I was born in California, raised for 12 years non-consecutively in Hawaii, and settled into Oregon.


8. I was homeschooled!  From 3rd grade through high school, my mom homeschooled me.  Interacting with people my age (hell, people in general) and realizing how much I don't know about my own generation, I now have loads of mixed feelings about being homeschooled.


9. I came from a fairly strict right-wing evangelical household.  In recent years, that upbringing has been falling away as I've met people who aren't evangelicals and have realized *GASP* they aren't the devil!  That they are actually nice people!  Who'da thunk, right?  So books that talk about that seclusion, that talk about how important religion and family were (over everyone else) - those books tend to hit home.  And even though I'm not as militant as I used to be about religion (I used to not listen to anything that wasn't explicitly Christian Contemporary Music, movies went through PluggedIn's screening for approval, and I rated books on how much swearing and sex they had), I still have soft spots for religious people and HATE seeing them villainized.


10. Most people are surprised to realize that I'm an introvert.  I hate large crowds where I won't know most people.  I lived by myself for three years before my sister moved in, and I loved it.  Sure, sometimes I get lonely and need to get out, but give me coffee, a book, and a cat, and I'm in heaven.


+1 I met my boyfriend through a Star Wars roleplaying website.  We started out as friends, talked offline and then decided hey, let's date.  By that time, I had decided to not bother trying to get married and date, so it was extremely weird.  To make it even more crazy - he's my first boyfriend.  And I'm 30 years old.  (Talk about secluded right-wing evangelicals, amiright?)