Fire from Heaven - Mary Renault

Bullet Review:

OMG I FINISHED IT!! After reading for nearly a quarter of a year, it's done!!

This book was a very slow read for me. I'm not hugely familiar with Alexander the Great beyond the basics, and this certainly isn't your basic story. People who are familiar with Alexander and the ins and outs of his life (and the war time exploits of his father) will LOVE this.

Writing style was also VERY difficult to adjust to. Everything is EXTREMELY subtle and layered - not your average Philipa Gregory or Dan Brown novel to be sure. Just as I "got it", I found my interest in the story waning (there's an incredible amount of discussion about the myriad of wars and political machinations of King Phillip) and I'd set the book aside for a month.

It didn't help that there were SO MANY characters, many of whom appear then are never seen again. And I'm sorry, but at times, Alexander jumps off the Marty Stu cliff headfirst.

That said, the last 100 pages, I just decided I was going to finish and "I got it". I also loved the dynamic between Alexander/Hephaistion.

In the end, a good book that makes me painfully aware of how little I know about this era. Recommended if you like your novels a slow, subtle build and if you are an Alexander aficionado.

I don't know if I can muster a full review. This book has worn me out.