Reading progress update: I've read 98%.

Glow (Sky Chasers) - Amy Kathleen Ryan

Multiple Status Updates:


OMG, THERE WAS SEXXXXX!!!! A YA book has the balls to make the characters have sex - and it's not unicorns farting roses and rainbows either! (Of course, it's also told very circumspectly in "flashback") *FAINTS*


Epilogue?! Already?! I mean, at least most of the ends are tied, but now I'm agonizing whether I want to continue this series or call it good.


+ Just because religious nutzoid Ann Mather is bad, doesn't mean ALL religion is bad. Of course, I'm of the school that PEOPLE choose to be bad or good, religion just provides an excuse. I know some people really truly believe all religion is bad. Will this book prove that it's not religion, that it's people? Or will it make me ragey by making wide generalizations??


+ OK, so I don't like how Keiran hasn't allowed due process (voting), but just because he ascribes to a religious belief, just because he is a religious leader and holds services, does NOT mean he's the leader of a cult!!  And I don't believe he forces people to attend - that would be another major no-no.  (Though I don't like how he doesn't honor Waverly's choice not to ascribe to his religious preference.)