Reading progress update: I've read 6%.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt



1) It appears that the only time that June has really spent with her uncle, Finn, has been the Sundays he paints both her and Greta.  Did they have bonding in the past?  Or is she just infatuated with how cool he seems?  Because I totally don't get why they are that close.


(Sidenote: I've never really been close to ANY of my relatives.  Only recently, have I been FINALLY having a relationship with an aunt, that started, of all places, with taking Zumba together.)


2) Why the f@#$ does Greta (I'm assuming the older sister) have to be a f@#$ing jealous bitch?  You know, I'm an older sister and while I've had my moments of jealousy to my younger sibling (most of the time, I knew DAMNED WELL I was wrong), I would effing DIE FOR HER.  And you know, when she's jealous of special attention that a relative gives to me, I try to COMFORT HER, not to be b!tchy and mean and pouty.  (Granted, I am 30 now, not 14.)


3) June and Greta are maybe a couple of years apart.  How does she not "get" that Finn is dying?  My younger sister caught onto things much faster than I did at a younger age.  Maybe this is just a personality trait (I am incredibly dense and sometimes need to be told point-blank), but it seems she's REALLY OBTUSE and needs to be clubbed over the head.


I am really trying to keep an open mind, though I am really disliking June and her whiny narrative.  Any insights are welcome!!