Aw Hell Naw...

The Fallen Star - Jessica Sorensen

Bullet Review:

DNF at 5%.

Absentee parents? Check.

Guardians who don't give two sh!ts about you? Check.

Falling in love with the new guy? Check.

A guy who is hot? Check.

Who hates your guts for no good reason? Check.

And whom you feel possessive of for no damned good reason? Check.

And hate on other chicks because you want the Abs? Check.

And you have a mildly interesting ability that takes a backseat to Abs? Check.


Nicki Minaj

I'm SO DONE with this entire stupid genre of "dumb girl with mildly interesting talents falls in lust with the first set of Abs she lays eyes on and forgets the rest of the human race because she just needs to get laid more often". I don't give two f@$&s that I didn't even give this one my 10% rule - I'm SO DONE. If I wanted this, I would reread "Twilight".


(And yes, I AM going to rate this even though I didn't get 10%.  SO THERE.)