Refrigerators and Stoves and Abs, OH MY!!!

Branded - Keary Taylor

Bullet Review:

DNF at 18% and Chapter 6.

This one is truly a shame that I must quit it because it REALLY has a fascinating premise. Jessica goes to sleep, but in her "dreams", she's a soul on judgment in front of a tribunal of 5 evil angels and 5 good angels.

Fascinating, right? Well, it would be without all the boring day-to-day activities and the mooning over Alex's FANTASTIC ABS. Gorrammit, I get it, women are fully entitled to be sexually attracted to a guy purely based on his physical qualities. But this is a STORY. Let's keep moving forward, OK? Not get stuck chilling with neighbors, buying books, watching "Touched by an Angel", and drooling over the shirtless Alex?

At 18%, I really didn't see any sign of a story. I have no doubt that Jessica and Alex will hook up, Jason will reappear, and maybe the angel subplot will get squeezed in between laundry and dinner.

Of course, if you want a bit more "normal" in your paranormal, this might just be what the doctor ordered.