I can't BELIEVE I paid $20

Iron Man, Vol. 1: Believe - Kieron Gillen, Greg Land

Bullet Review:

I've not been an Iron Man fan for long, and I've by no means read his entire repertoire, but geez, this was so not worth $20.

The Extremis virus is back and Tony must hunt down the four clusters, if you will, out there. Cue lots of "monster of the week" plot lines - a goofy Arthurian one, a somewhat more interesting one involving a drug dealer and his dying daughter, an OK if not terribly well explained one with 13 brainwashed women and the last, a plot involving enhancing humans to adjust to space.

Honestly, the whole thing just flails and dies. The writing is so heavy, so wordy, it just doesn't let the panels speak for themselves. I've found I really despise comics that insist on having the protagonist endlessly narrate - zzzz!!! The art is very blah. Not bad, but not that great either. And the stories are mostly meh - with the exception of the drug lord one. The unfortunate part is that ALL of the stories are so short and so poorly explored, I wonder, why bother?

After this, I'm not sure I want to continue this line. It seems the series is just content to pump out issues, relying on the movies to sell them. I shouldn't read a comic and be bored and confused. I may just have to start checking out this series at the library, and save myself that $20.