Reading progress update: I've read 73%.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt

Yeah, June, I'm SURE you're parents aren't gonna notice you being gone, flying out of the country, with a man they don't know about and don't want you to hang around. How is this book supposed to be endearing and make me cry? Cry because OMG, someone died? Because, poor June, no one understands her? Pbbbffffft. Slap me around, call me cynical, but one more whiny teen does NOT make me want to bawl.


FROZEN made me bawl, basically throughout the entire movie.  It did that by A) humanizing BOTH characters (Elsa wasn't evil, nor was Anna stupid), B) being so realistic, I could imagine me and my sister in Elsa's and Anna's places, and C) having the creepy guy looking effing creepy and not idolize that.


Either that, or I have no soul anymore.  Take your pick.