Well, I didn't realize that spammers and scammers were so present on BookLikes!  I've just spent the last 30 minutes removing multiple blank and obvious real estate/Westhill accounts.


Here's my thing: I'm OK if a person doesn't like to blog or just wants to read my blog.  But add some freaking books to your profile.  Include a pretty avatar and give yourself a decent name besides "Book Nerd".  Don't just follow my account and not share even a couple of books you like with me.


Well, finished blocking the "A" spam accounts following me.  Onto the Bs until I get sick of it.  Hell, I don't put that much time into keeping my book catalog on booklikes.


Anyone know a better way than looking at followers, opening each to see if real or spam (I do follow when I see they are not spam so at least I can only look at ones I didn't follow back), emailing booklikes to remove and blocking.  Then repeating every few weeks when followers group by more than 50 at a time?


Emailing booklikes to prevent Westhill anything doesn't work. 

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