Reading progress update: I've read 33%.

Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #19) - Laurell K. Hamilton

Here's a recap of the latest in the Anita Blake VAMPIRE HUNTER novel, Bullet:


+ approx 1 hour spent at a dance recital for a kid who is not related to the Main Characters. Dance recital was for KIDS and focused more on Nathaniel and Jason.


+ approx 1 hour spent with Asher arguing about his power and wanting to have sex.


+ approx 45 min spent with Richard whinging about the dramaz he's endured since book 2.  This is ALL RECAP for those of us who have read since the beginning.


+ approx 45 min spent on an unsexy orgy with Anita (no surprise), Richard, Jean-Claude, and Asher.  It has B-D-S-M, meaning the B-D-S-M that non-practitioners or baby practitioners think is super cool.


+ approx 30 min spent with a pile of men including Richard, JC, Asher, Jason, Nathaniel, Micah, Crispin (who is this again?) and Nicky (the "bride" of Anita", because she poisoned him, isn't that CUTE?) on Anita.  Belle Morte does that "appearing to everyone" bit and Marmee Noir makes a "I'm gonna keeeel you, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" appearance.


Needless to say, LOTS of progress in BINGO!