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Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #19) - Laurell K. Hamilton

YAY for non-consensual orgy sex!!  Because THAT says, "I'm a woman and it's A-OK for me to have sex with whomever I want as long as I use common sense and protection."


Seriously, ANOTHER black out orgy scene??  (Note to self: need to add that to future bingo boards.)  Adding Lassandro and a bunch of other poor, hapless guards, most of whom would NOT have had sex with Anita because they are married!  And Anita's questions aren't, "Why haven't I tried to work harder to get rid of the ardeur?" but instead, "Wow, that was odd - what does it mean???"


In other words, we are almost halfway through the book and I'm not even sure what the plot is supposed to be.  This is nearly as bad as "Danse Macabre" and "Incubus Dreams" - the two biggest, plotless, pointless messes of this series.  After "decent" books like "Skin Trade" and the "Harlequin", this is a SERIOUS step back for "the return of Anita".