Coraline - Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman

Bullet Review:

Wow, that was a fast read! I know the book isn't big, but shame on the ebook for padding it out with Q&A's and a sample of "The Graveyard Book"!

Anyway...LOVED IT! Captivating and creepy, very endearing. In some ways, it helped seeing the movie, as the movie's visuals worked PERFECTLY with this novel.

But honestly...did you expect Gaiman to write a bad book???

Full Review:

It's been nearly a week since I read this book, so I suppose I ought to try to write a review. It's just that I've come to realize, nearly every Gaiman book has the exact same review:

+ Creative worldbuilding!
+ Unique story!
+ Realistic characters!
+ Beautiful writing!

In fact, let me try with my Stardust review:

The characters you come to expect in this novel are present here, but Gaiman refuses to just create an archetype and plug them into their stereotypical role. Coraline may be the "hero", but (s)he really doesn't need to save the world from anything. The parents have quite the astonishing storyline - they start out the novel rather cold and heartless, but by the end, I really felt for them and was astonished at the clever twist Gaiman took their story. As for the other key characters - the Other Mother, the Cat, the actress sisters downstairs, Mr. BoBo, and the Other Father- well, they were constantly throwing me for a loop.

OK, it's not perfect find-replace (I guess I wouldn't do well to try to get my Twilight fanfic published!), but in general, I think you get my point.

If you've read and loved one Gaiman book, there is a good chance you will read and love "Coraline". It's about this lonely little girl who has moved to this new apartment. She finds this mysterious world, where she is the center of the universe - but she quickly learns what the Rolling Stones have been singing about for awhile:

This simple little story is told with Gaiman's flair for the creepy and fantastical and his keen insight into the human - and child's! - mind.

Blah blah blah...I loved this...blah blah the book. Neil Gaiman is awesome...blah blah blah...

Oh, and watch the movie. I saw the movie first, but it was so good and did such a fabulous job of adapting the book.