Humorous, but not worth the price

Dumped: A Grown-Up Guide to Gettin' Off Your Ass and Over Your Ex in Record Time - Maryjane Fahey;Caryn Beth Rosenthal

My boyfriend of 7 months (or 3 years, depending on how you reckon our relationship) broke up with me over text message and Facebook. I was kinda seeing us parting ways at some point, but the manner of the breakup and how sudden it was really shocked me.


This being my first real dating relationship, I decided to be proactive and read as much as I could about breakups and how to handle them. So after perusing Amazon (and against my better judgment), I plunked down almost $8.50 for "Dumped", a book with an overall rating of 4.6 and 70 customer reviews.


If you want a "feel good" book telling you how awesome you are an how awful your ex is, this is your book. If you are looking more for a "coffee table" book, with huge fonts and colors and such, this is your book.


But this was not the book I was looking for at all. I wanted more anecdotes, the stages of relationship breakup and the analysis of the stages, maybe a scientific look at what was happening in my mind.


I could maybe have accepted what the book was (I mean, nothing wrong with a "you are awesome, girlfriend!" book) had I not spent so much on it. At $8.42, this was the most expensive Kindle purchase I have made - on a book that took The Slowest Reader in the WorldTM a grand total of 30 minutes to read. I could easily have parted ways with $.99 or even $1.99, but almost 8 times that? For such a slight book? No way.

So I did what I thought made the most sense: I ended up going back through Amazon for a return.


Again, this is not a bad book, and if you want a cheerleader, this is your book. But just be wary of how much you might end up paying for it.