You can have your White Elephant Gift BACK

Fallen - Lauren Kate


DNF at 24%.

Wow another Twilight clone! I haven't seen one of those since...well, the LAST YA I picked up:

New chick at new school? Check.
Makes friends on a dime without "being anything special"? Check.
Moody? Check.
Drools over attractive boy who HATES HER GUTS? Check check check!
Something tries to kill her and her marbled set of abs saves her? CHECK!!

Plus, what kind of reform school IS THIS?! There's security cameras everywhere, but it's a big surprise when there are curfews that people actually have to obey?? The grounds are in THAT much of shambles?? And the big one: the groundskeeper's daughter gets to go FOR FREE??!?! What parents would think it's a cool idea to send their kid to a REFORM school with kids who have killed people???

I'm tired of wasting time with this genre that just likes to repeat the same lack of plot, the same pathetic characters over and over again. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Full Review:

Bella goes to a reform school in Georgia. And instead of vampires, it's angels. (Or so I assume by the other reviews/summaries, because by goddess, the book couldn't be damned to start developing any paranormal crap in the 24% I wallowed through.)

You know, I read Twilight in the day, and I actually liked it. It wasn't great literature, was way too effing long, and showed an unhealthy relationship, but for what it was, I liked it.

But when I read books, I read for new stories, not the same damned one I gave at last year's White Elephant exchange.

Luce is the same mopey, melodramatic whiner that Bella was. I'd like to say she had more personality than Bella, but I feel I'd be lying. At least Bella liked to read and cook - the best I can gather, Luce likes to text Cally and whine about how awful life is.

And the MOMENT she lays eyes on Cam and Daniel, she falls insta-lust. (To make it better and EVEN MOAR like Twilight, Daniel flips her the bird, obviously showing how much he hates her.)

REALLY?!!?! I mean...a guy she JUST met...

Oh, but those were the guys from her PAST life. She's falling in love with what she used to know about them.

And that brings me to a complaint I made in my status update. This story is yet another in a heap which stars a female protagonist but really isn't about her. It's about the men around her doing things, while she's effing clueless.

Goddess forbid that Luce know she was the woman in the prologue (come on, you know it too, it doesn't take prescience). Goddess forbid that Luce know she is a Super Speshul Snowflake and LIKES IT. Goddess forbid that Luce NOT fall swooning at a man's feet. We can't have that. No, a female protagonist has to be all wailing on the sidelines for help as the villain weakly holds her arm.

As for story, from what I saw in the 24% I listened to, it's yet another "New School" contemporary story. Girl goes to new school. WACKY students. CRAZY surroundings. BORING teachers. Maybe if I hadn't been out of high school for the last decade or hadn't signed up to read a PARANORMAL novel, I'd be somewhat interested, but I doubt it because Kate writes this so-called "reform school" in the most ludicrous way.

This "reform school" (because I sincerely doubt that Kate actually ever went to a reform school to take notes on how it is done) has some of the stupidest, loosest laws for supposedly containing the most violent, troublesome kids. We have cameras - OK, that makes sense - but no one bothers to keep the grounds clean? (I don't give a damn if that's a plot point BTW, it makes no sense.) It's a surprise to Luce that there are - gasp! - curfews that are MAINTAINED?!

Now the cover...that cover. Wow. How positively gorgeous. Damn you, cover. Damn you for being so beautiful and gorgeous and TOUCH-WORTHY (the paperback cover is so touchable!)!! If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't feel so betrayed!

Really, this is just Twilight in new packaging. If you liked Twilight and really really REALLY want to read that same story again (there are people who want to do that and not just read Twilight???), hey, I guess at least Daniel isn't Patch??? Otherwise, I don't recommend ONE BIT.