Wonder Woman's Mysterious History

Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine - Tim Hanley

Bullet Review:

Absolutely WONDERful!! The highest praise imaginable!!!

Let's go to DC and Hollywood and start demanding a Wonder Woman movie NOW!!!

Full Review:

Wonder Woman. I can just say the name and boom, Lynda Carter is in your mind, lassoing bad guys and cruising in the Invisible Plane.

You're welcome.

But who is Wonder Woman? Where did she come from? Unlike Batman and Superman, whose backstories are second nature (both fictional and nonfictional), Wonder Woman, despite being the premiere female superhero, turns up a blank.

Before I go much further, I must make a shout-out to the amazing, Nenia Campbell. Her stellar review put this book on my radar and instance "to buy" list.

As a new Wonder Woman fan (losing a lot of weight, choosing to cosplay her at Halloween and a local comic con, as well as being a feminist has drawn me to WW), I've grown more and more interested in her, from checking out her New 52 series to checking out Straczynski's take. But I'm ashamed to say, I barely knew/know anything about her.

I certainly couldn't tell you who her creator was. (William Moulton Marston)

I didn't know which comic she debuted in. (All Star Comics #8)

I certainly couldn't tell you her origin story. (Formed from clay to the Amazons on Paradise Island)

I didn't know who her sometimes love interest was. (Steve Trevor)

And I definitely didn't know how much she changed from Golden Age to Silver Age to Bronze Age.

Wonder Woman has an amazing history, and this book does a superb job of detailing it. The author doesn't just recite events from WW's history; he goes BACK, establishes the history, the surrounding times and then weaves Wonder Woman's story into that fabric. He takes the time to analyze the subtext and bondage; he takes time to critique the Silver Age "I wanna settle down" Wonder Woman along with not sparing anything when critiquing the 70's women's liberation movement for painting the Wonder Woman THEY wanted instead of the real Wonder Woman of the Golden Age (without, of course, being insulting or derogatory or insinuating that because the feminists got one part wrong, their whole movement was crap).

Maybe I should stop gushing about how awesome this book was (and how I kept reading this over Book Club book or my other books), and just say this: if you love comics, if you LIKE comics, if you love Wonder Woman, do yourself a favor, hunt this book down and read!!

HIGHEST recommendation!

P.S. Seriously, Wonder Woman STILL DOES NOT HAVE A MOVIE. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I don't know how to do it, but we need to start campaigning people to GET A WONDER WOMAN MOVIE. I know there are tons of people probably already campaigning (have been for years, since I'm new to the party here), but really, I'm dead serious, how the flying f@#$ can we have ANOTHER F@#$ING REVAMP OF BATMAN and not one GORRAM Wonder Woman movie???

P.S. #2 OK, I'm not going to comment on content, as I haven't read, but Wonder Woman is Superman's armcandy? As much as I like to see more of her in comics, WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND to get more presence? Wonder Woman doesn't need a f@#$ing man!!