Reading progress update: I've read 53%.

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak I am trying so hard with this book. I really, truly am trying to give it a chance. But really, all I see is yet another "ZOMG WWII was AWFUL, wasn't it?" Yes, the writing is pretty, but without the gimmick of Death narrating, the competent writing, why would someone want to read this, if they've read any other literature about this era*?! People talk about the themes in this book, how it emphasizes how awesome reading is, and I don't see much of that myself. And the bits I see, I'm like, "So? Yes, I get reading is great - that's why I'm reading this book along with several others! You're preaching to the choir, buddy!" Plus, having a sister who feels pressured to like reading (I can't seem to get into her head that us readers get as chastised for reading as she seems to for not reading - I know, it's a weird predicament, being "teased" and "ridiculed" for not reading, but then some of it could be her paranoia too), I can't help but feel empathetic to her. It's great we like reading, Zusak, but there are MANY people in this world, with MANY different hobbies and you know what? Sometimes reading isn't one of those hobbies! * OK, so this would be good for teens who have read nothing of this era, along with people who are WWII aficionados.