Twilight...with werewolves...

Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Once upon a time, Grace was playing and got attacked by wolves. Then, she saw a wolf with compelling eyes, and, instead of being terrified out of her mind, she has had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the wolf. Fast forward to high school, a fellow teenager is killed, and all those pesky adults are blaming the wolves. Grace is still unhealthily obsessed with "her wolf", while Sam, "her wolf", is likewise unhealthily obsessed with her.

DNF at 11%

Those that compare this to Twilight for Team Jacob are not lying - this book is ridiculously similar to Twilight:

+ The lead girl is obsessed with a boy/wolf. She is an only child, raised by an absentee father and a scatter-brained mother. Her only hobbies seem to be cooking (since her mother is completely incompetent in this regard, and has absolutely no problems with having her daughter raise herself) and reading. Oh, and being obsessed with a wolf.

+ The lead boy is obsessed with the girl.

+ One girlfriend is chipper and obnoxious; the other is quiet and demure.

+ Lots of prose spent on boy/girl going gaga over each other's eyes and physical features.

That said, this book DOES have some improvements on Twilight:

+ There seems to be an attempt at a plot, instead of hovering, waiting until the final 50 pages.

+ The prose is a lot stronger than Smeyer's Twilight.

+ The concept that werewolves are at the whims of the temperature is interesting.

+ I do like how in the 11% I read, Grace has friends and spends time with them (though the fact she's constantly thinking of "her wolf" and unable to appreciate her friend's photography that doesn't deal with "her wolf" is pathetic).

And in some ways, it's WORSE than Twilight:

+ How is it possible to write parents WORSE than Charlie and Renee? Grace's father has barely said anything in this book, and her mother is quite possibly the worst mother in fiction (well, not as bad as Nora's mom in "Hush, Hush", but really, everything is worse in "Hush, Hush").

+ It makes no sense why Grace would get so gaga over a wolf, when she got ATTACKED by wolves. I would think she'd be emotionally and psychologically scarred - not waxing poetic about "my wolf".

While this is certainly not the worst I've ever read/listened to, like most YA urban fantasy novels from this time, it's Twilight in different clothing. Unfortunately, unlike "Hush, Hush", it's just not compelling enough to bother to listen to more for the lulz. I have too many other books to read, and far too little time.

That said, if you are curious about this, it's not absolutely terrible, nor is it disgusting in its portrayal of a romantic relationship (Sam is not the d-bag Patch), and for people who like romance, this isn't a bad choice. But I would warn: if you've read Twilight and felt "meh" about it, you may want to avoid "Shiver".