All theses superhero shirts are sized for men
All theses superhero shirts are sized for men

Am I blowing things out of proportion?


So I went into Sports Authority today and saw the attached picture of superhero shirts. I like superheros, so I thought I'd buy one (or at least look at them). ALL of the ones in that picture are sized for men. I looked around the store for women's sizes. Nothing.


Then I went to the cashier. She said that what is on the floor is all they had, but they did have some online, so she helped me find one (a Wonder Woman, naturally).


Although I got my superhero shirt, isn't it pathetic that I have to go online (potentially pay shipping costs - fortunately, I did not!) and wait several days for my purchase? If I were a man, I could have immediately gotten my shirt (even in pink!!) today, no shipping at all. Oh, and I could also have tried on my shirt to  make sure it fit! (I could find no sizing information online - sure hope it fits!!)


I know some women like to wear men's shirts, but I like wearing women's shirts (years of being unhealthily fat make me proud of my boobs and curves). And you know, if the shirts said "unisex", I probably wouldn't have a problem. But I had to go to a lot of extra work to get the same shirt in a women's cut - doesn't that seem a bit unfair? Or am I blowing this out of proportion? I mean, the items are available online (although not in the quantities that are available for men).


I have forwarded this to Everyday Feminism and have contacted Sports Authority to complain.