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The Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien

Once again, I am floored by how much talking there is in these books. Most of the book is a little bit of a journey followed by the hobbits meeting new people and talking with them for hours on end. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, again, but I can't say it enough: chatting for this long loses all sense of urgency.

Also, you don't get the sense of urgency when they A) wait several months to leave, B) stop well before night, C) spend most of the time talking to other people, and D) make sure to eat long, elaborate meals.


And I know, these are cushy hobbits, so they are going to make time for elevensies and afternoon tea, but I wanted to laugh when Strider says, "We have to be going - make sure to send us breakfast at 6:30!"


ONLY 6:30?! If you are on an urgent quest, wouldn't you get up even EARLIER - or wait, better yet, wouldn't you eat ON THE RUN??