Blind Moon Alley: A Jersey Leo Novel - John  Florio

Goodreads sometimes does these giveaways. For the past four years, I've tried again and again (over 100 times) to win, and in that time, I won exactly ONE book.


This is incredibly discouraging. I mean, I'm not one of THE big players on GR, but I have quite a few followers/reviews/votes, and I've been on consistently for the past four years. I should have won a few more giveaways, right?


(And I get it - Goodreads wants to be fair and give EVERYONE a chance to win.)


But my losing streak is over! I finally won a giveaway - Blind Moon Alley, a Prohibition-era novel! I'm nervous and excited and just relieved to know I can win a book in one of these Giveaways!