What the everlasting...

Avengers, Vol. 2: The Last White Event - Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Deodato Jr., Dustin Weaver

Bullet Review:

That's it! No more buying trades just because Captain Marvel is on the cover!

Seriously, what did I spend the last two days agonizing over? WHAT THE FRAK HAPPENED? I though Volume 1 was inscrutable enough, but this...this was absolute gibberish!

Characters barely act like themselves. Mostly they are bland beings walking around, blathering techno-babble or philosophical musings. Sometimes they punch things. Most of the time NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing is explained. The plot goes into a black hole of nothingness. All excitement and intrigue goes absolutely NOWHERE.

And then there's the final "where the frak did you come from?" issue of this comic, a somewhat decent undercover casino plot. But once again - boring, colorless characters, inscrutable plot, meandering "deep" musings that repetitively repeat themselves over and over again and absolutely no frakkin' resolution.

I've had enough. I don't care if Captain Marvel is enormous on the cover of Volume 3, my brain can't suffer anymore of this...this...whatever this THING I spent reading.

NOT recommended.