Batigirl faces her demons

Batgirl Vol. 3: Death of the Family (The New 52) - Gail Simone

Bullet Review:

There are three distinct stories (actually four if you think of it) in this collection.

Story 1: Catwoman and Batgirl collaborate against the Night Court. This one is my favorite, incredibly clever and fun. I was disappointed when the story ended and wasn't addressed again.

Story 2: Death of the Family. This deals with the return of the Joker, an attack on the Bat Family, and Barbara facing the man who crippled her. Good, but I think that reading only the Batgirl parts may have hampered my understanding of this storyline. Not that it wasn't pretty well summarized and concluded, just that I was missing key pieces from other comics.

Story 3: A brief interlude between Rick and Batgirl. It's OK, but if Batgirl settles down with this guy, I'm gonna punch a wall.

Story 4: James Gordon, Barbara's brother, returns to act creepy and psychotic. Seriously, this guy is messed. After the way it ended, I will be VERY interested in how it ends!

Somewhat confusing, but I liked it overall. Gail Simone (and her coauthors) do a great job overall with the Batgirl line, so I continue to look forward to the next installments.