Faith Restored!!

Batwoman, Vol. 3: World's Finest - J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman

Bullet Review:

After Volume 2, I was ready to throw in the towel with Batwoman. Thank God for Anne's review, which convinced me to press on.

Gone is the confusing mumbo-jumbo mixed up storylines. Gone is the "WTF is going on?"

The top notch art is still here, but now we get answers. It's a bit wordy in places, but I could follow the storyline, I could understand what was going on (for the most part), and I FINALLY GOT ANSWERS.

And there's Wonder Woman too!

Oh, and that final scene with Kat and Mags? SO CUTE.

Don't let Volume 2 hold you back; keep pressing because it gets SO MUCH BETTER.