I feel like a terrible person, but...

The Mermaid's Madness - Jim C. Hines

Danielle, Talia, Snow, and Queen Beatrice head out to sea to meet the King of the Undine, but instead are confronted by his daughter, Lirea, bent on revenge. Queen Beatrice is wounded, and now the three women must seek out a way to save Beatrice and restrain Lirea.

DNF at page 84, Chapter 5.

I found out about Jim C. Hines through his AMAZING series of blog posts about the over-sexualized nature of women on covers of books. Please, go check it out now. I'll be here when you're done.

*Five hours later and copious buckets of laughter*

There, that was certainly worth your time, wasn't it?

Anyway, Hines seems to be a top-notch fellow, so why WOULDN'T I want to support such an all-around cool guy? And this book seems really fascinating - a real life Ariel story? Where-in grittiness and non-Disneyfication occur?


When it came to actually reading the book for Book Club (and my 2014 goal to not buy new books/to read those books on my shelves), I felt my heart crash to the floor.

I just don't care!

I find myself using any excuse not to read this book, even though it was MY BOOK CLUB CHOICE! I read MULTIPLE comic trade paperbacks in this time. I read Goodreads Giveaway books. I surfed my phone and my Kindle. And yet I couldn't coerce myself to read much into this book.

So that means this book must be TERRIBLE, right? I mean, I've powered through many a book that I ended up rating 1- or 2- stars, so this should be a 2- star or lower rating, right?


Because this book is GOOD. It's light-hearted and fun and perfect for reading at the beach or on a warm summer day. It's just not the book I want to read.

I love how Hines has multiple female characters in this book. I love how 90% of the cast is female. I love how he's written these women with all these different strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, and backgrounds. I love how he's done a twisted fairy tale.

But I don't want to read any more of this book! I don't really care to know how Danielle, Talia, and Snow restraint Lirea. I have zero investment in the story and characters. Everything's good - but me.

So Jim, if you are reading, I'm sorry I didn't like your book. I really truly am. You are a great guy and did nothing wrong with this (well, it *IS* a bit cheesy, but you are 100% forgiven for that - not ALL books have to be Sris Bizness after all). I'm just too much of a sourpuss, I guess, to like it.

If you want strong, independent female characters from all walks of life, who don't faint and wait for a man to rescue them, if you like twisted fairy tales, if you like light-hearted fantasy books, pick this up!! I'm sure you will greatly enjoy!