It's abuse, NOT sexy

I read over a variety of feminist type blogs, and today's essay from this blog really stood out to me, so much so that I feel called to post it on all my platforms:


Now I know the focus on the essay was more about how the boyfriend used contraceptive to lord over the girlfriend, but there are disturbing comparisons between this REAL-LIFE boyfriend and Travis from "Beautiful Disaster" or Christian from "Fifty Shades".


In fact, in the past 5 years, how many times have we seen this type of hero in a New Adult or Young Adult novel glamorized? He's the hero, he's the One True Love for our female protagonist! Sure, he's a little violent and angry and possessive and domineering, but that's just because he wuvs her sooooo much! He really knows what's best for her (I mean, look at how many times they have sex!). Plus, he's SO physically attractive.


No. No, it's not "sexy" because he looks like Brad Pitt. No, it's domestic violence, abuse at its purest form. And we need to STOP glamorizing abuse, just because the hero is sexy.


Because I think Rhiannon can tell you that it is NOT SEXY whatsoever.