Reading progress update: I've read 152 out of 272 pages.

Everybody's Got Something - Veronica Chambers, Robin Roberts

So I have started skim-reading. Now, the parts I'm skimming are better than the beginning (God, that was rough! Editor needed STAT!!), but it's still pretty meh. So much name-dropping. SO MUCH. And the OBAMAS sent flowers to Robin when her mother died. I mean WOW. I think it's cool on one hand, but on the other, all relatability is flushed down the toilet.


The biggest reason I bought this book in the first place was to hear more stories from women of color. And while I am 100% glad that her story is out there for people who like these kinds of stories, this isn't for me. I thought it would have talked more about her childhood, how she became what she is. Unfortunately, I didn't read the blurb/the blurb lied, so instead, I have this mish-mash memoir of what happened after her breast cancer, with a couple of awkwardly fitting stories tossed in.


But really, the biggest issue is how terrible the writing is in places. I mean, it's all the same subject-verb sentence structure, choppy, childish sounding, stilted until she talks about fist-bumping or shouts out something maybe a friend or family member will understand. IT'S SO WEIRD!


If you want to be professional, BE PROFESSIONAL. Take out the shout-outs and slang. If you want to write to your family, ditch the stilted tone.


I'd rag on Robin Roberts for this, but she had a coauthor, Veronica Chambers, who supposedly has written great memoirs in the past. If they are anything like this, I WILL NEVER READ THEM. Atrocious, embarrassing writing.