Reading progress update: I've read 27%.

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia

I have no clue why I'm still listening to it. It's checking ALL THE CLICHES.


Clean All The Things


(I can't make my own meme or I would)


+ MC reads

+ MC reads classics

+ MC has quirky "friend", whom he uses and doesn't do anything else with

+ Absentee/dead parents (Double points for BOTH)

+ MC wants "more"

+ New kid at school - LOVE INTEREST ALERT!

+ New kid is WEIRD

+ No one will f#$%ing say what the f#$% is going on

+ Slut-shaming

+ Bitchy cheerleaders


+ Heavy handed allusions to classic literature

+ MC and LI are mopey, emo teens

+ Visions/dreams of love interest

+ Falling in lust before meeting/at first sight

+ All conversations center around Love Interest


Not to mention, I think Amma is supposed to be black, and she is basically the Mammy stereotype. Leastwise, that's how the narrator seems to be portraying her. DISLIKE.


Macon is the only saving grace, and I think that's only because I'm imaging Jeremy Irons as him.